A quote I adore is “It’s the one percenters.” For me, this is putting in that extra little bit of effort whether it be your job, sport, art, helping someone or anything else you may do – it pays off.

Additionally, it’s appreciating all the small events that occur throughout your day. The sum of these little moments are what make our days and lives so special and it’s why I value them with so much importance.

This website is dedicated to these moments and is the main inspiration behind my writing and photography.

From when he took his first photo at 8 years of age, Josh has been dedicated to finding a connection between him and the rest of the world through photography. His positive and adventurous spirit has led him on a global quest to discover what it means to truly connect, with the aim to impart all that is positive in his life unto the life of others.

His outgoing personality and zest for life shows in every photo; inspiring his family and friends. With the hope of impacting a world wide audience, he is driven to bring inspirational thoughts through his photography and writing to as many people as possible on a daily basis.

You can see his instagram is doing just that here.

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