7 Days Later: Edition 95 – Calendar Club Premiere

You can hear the buzz before you feel it, there is an ambiance oozing out from under the sturdy wooden door. Conversation murmurs and soothing hip-hop beats combine to fill the space between the industrial brick walls, the frequency in the air is unmistakable. It's...

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7 Days Later: Edition 94 – Cocoon Phase

I've wrapped myself up in life's transitionary silks and crawled into a self-woven cocoon. I've labeled this current epoch a 'cocoon state' because I feel there have been a lot of adjustments in multiple facets of my life. These adjustments have caused me to change...

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7 Days Later: Edition 93 – Back up and racing!

It’s wet, it’s wild and we’re back into racing. South Australia held their first running race since the change-up of life that COVID-19 so wonderfully handed us. I'm grateful to be in a country and state that has managed the outbreak so well. To see so many runners...

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