7 Days Later: Edition 98 – Exploring Kangaroo Island

There's a certain joy that comes with the preparation for a road-trip, adventure, or a week away. Deciding what to pack, what shoes to run in, making sure my camera batteries are charged, which outfits can be worn the most times without needing to be washed, making...

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7 Days Later: Edition 97 – Return to road racing.

I almost developed a tan this week. The winter days of July provided some unexpected sunshine which I'm incredibly grateful for. I ran with my shirt off and drank new varieties of tea in the delightful winter warmth. Outside of the delectable blue skies, my mind was...

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7 Days Later: Edition 96 – A mix of camping and running.

"Make your days dense, and time will go slower." This idea is a thought that often passes through my mind. I sometimes think of my days like pages in a book; the more words there are on a page, the slower it takes me to get through the book. Similarly, if I can fill...

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