If someone gave you the creative freedom and ownership to the biggest billboard in New York City, for a week, what would you put on it? This was a question that was posed to me a couple of years ago at a personal development event that I attended.
The people in the room came up with all kinds of answers.
So, what will you put on your billboard? You’ve got a blank canvas that is thirteen metres wide and a touch over three metres tall. The goal is to harness a fleeting moment of attention. Are you going to sell them something like every other billboard is doing, promote yourself or inspire them? The options are endless, you could even leave it blank. That would be a statement in itself.

Personally, I’d put words on the billboard. A simple phrase has the power to dance on your mind for years. Some people might blink and miss it, but if you’re lucky, maybe your billboard will positively change the trajectory of someone’s life. That’s the ideal dream impact, right?
Seated in a circle, it soon became my time to talk. After deliberating over numerous quotes that I’d like to see on a billboard (because I love quotes), I decided on the following.

I imagine the billboard would be simple. Black background and white font. Bold text, sans serif font, well-spaced, and A clarity which would make it unmissable.
That’s my billboard, I hope one day you get to see it in real life.  Now that you’ve imagined my billboard, where does your mind go? We all have wild dreams and aspirations. I’m sure you have a list written down in the notes of your phone, in a journal, or at least, swirling around in your mind. There are things you want to do, a point in your career you want to get to, people you want to meet, parts of the world you want to live in, books to read.. the list of living and doing is endless.
I’m a big believer in manifestation, journalling, and verbally announcing ideas but without action, these thoughts will simply remain as words. Words need to be brought to life, and you are the vehicle that can drive them to reality.
The more accountable you become to yourself, the harder it will be to go against your announcements to the world. As you hold a higher responsibility to your word, you will become stronger in action and respect yourself on a deeper level than you once lived out previously.
When we set intentions or make plans, we are the easiest person to let down. We’ve all organised a gym session, run, hike, or appointment with a friend, and without good reason, do we rarely miss these events. We don’t like to let other people down because disappointment can be crippling. If we don’t want to let other people down with our commitments, why should we not hold ourselves to the same standard?
Choose your words carefully because you cannot take them back. If you believe it, speak it. If you have spoken it, act on it. Your life will only become richer as a person of action.
I hope as you move forward, you achieve the things you said you wanted to do. Let the momentum build and the journey teach you.
Big Love,


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