Long-haul flights, aren’t they just the best thing ever! To be honest, they aren’t actually that bad. Watch a few movies, do some writing, hope that the plane food is somewhat delectable, try to sleep and all of a sudden, a 13-hour flight passes by in no time. Colombia to Sydney took me 40 hours in transit, but it was only one segment of the mammoth journey home from Panama to Adelaide. The last three months have been crazy; I feel I’ve developed as a person in multiple facets of my life, opened my mind to new ways of living life and jumped at opportunities that have challenged, scared and pushed me. Upon my return from Colombia to Sydney, I felt an array of emotions. I hadn’t given myself a chance to stop and take it all in, and when I finally did, it was overwhelming.



Arriving in Sydney

Landing in Sydney was very refreshing, especially my arrival in Coogee Beach. I fondly remember two years ago in Coogee, Sydney when I was in the early stages of developing my book ‘WHY DON’T YOU?’ telling my friend what it was going to entail. Returning to Coogee and being able to hold a physical copy of the book was very special. It has been the reason why I’ve held off on releasing the book as I wanted to personally hold and see the book myself before I released and announced it to the world.

My short stay in Sydney was to catch up with friends and go see my first show at the opera house, to watch one of my favourite musicians Ben Howard perform. Whilst in Sydney, I stayed at a new Hostel in Coogee, Mad Monkey. Working with Mad Monkey was a fun follow-up from the hostels Jackson and I worked with in Colombia. Moving forwards, Mad Monkey is looking to offer a payment system whereby you can pay for a nights accommodation if you collect a full bag of rubbish and plastic from the local beach and surrounding area. I think this is a fantastic initiative and something that certainly sparked my interest as I’ll be working on a big plastic project later in the year in Bali.

Overall, this week was very simple with a lot of time on planes, airports and by the beach. Alas, in comparison to previous weeks this is a very short updated. However, there is a fun collection of photos to browse through.

This week, I’ll be working back in the shoe store in Adelaide, giving my first presentation and launching my book. YES, the day has finally arrived!

Big Love,


Taking a risk is the easy part. A split decision at most. Following through on that decision can be the hard part because it can feel like you have something to lose or something to leave behind. Some days it might feel like the sum of your decisions will crash and fall apart on top of you. However, if you can push past that and feel the excitement for what might happen if it pays off, that’s the real magic. – Joshua Lynott

Morning Coog.

Ben Howard.

Opera house lights.


Bondi Bowl.

Golden hour.

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