It’s been a big week, again, not from adventures but from a logistical standpoint. Amazon started to spread my book worldwide which meant I felt comfortable starting to ramp things up on the launch from last week. I always find it interesting the re-occurring themes or questions that appear in my weeks. From the launch of my book, a question that I have been frequently asked is ‘What inspires/motivates you?’

What my week entailed.


I’ll get back to the big question of the introduction shortly, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of my week. Running continued to ramp up, as ticked over some large runs around Adelaide and the surrounding forests that South Australia keeps on the down low. We aren’t talking anything crazy like Yosemite National Park, but I spent a couple mornings collecting heartbeats and building physiology around Kuitpo forest. My last two blocks back in Adelaide, I have thoroughly enjoyed my training and the peripheral benefits which have resulted. I have a couple more big events coming up this year, one which I can’t announce till next week and another one in December as a follow up from the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon. I’ll do a separate blog post on this as this will be an upcoming project of mine.

Apart from running, I tucked myself away in a few of my favorite cafes and made it to a few sunsets, rain, hail or shine. Overall, it was a week where I just tried to get on top of everything and organise myself for the upcoming months. Was I successful with everything I wanted to get done, not yet, but I chip away at it day by day. It’s these weeks which test me (probably because they’re slightly more mundane), but down the track, I look back on and know that they served a purpose.


What inspires me?


It’s probably useful to look at the definition of inspiration vs motivation before I go any further, as I believe there is a big difference between the two.

Here are a few definitions I think are useful:
To inspire: fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspired: of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

Motivation: a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

To motivate: provide (someone) with a reason for doing something.

There’s the selection of definitions and that I will work around as I discuss what inspires me throughout the remainder of this weeks blog.

Firstly! Above all, I think to properly credit, to tell someone personally, or to tell others who inspired you is one of the biggest compliments you could possibly give someone. Personally, I think to claim complete originality of an idea, a piece of work, art etc needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. As humans, we are stimulated from the moment we wake up, leave the door and go about our day. We are easily influenced by our surroundings, and if you’re lucky to be in a great environment, you’ll be inspired positively. Without knowing, your thought processes quickly adapt to the higher level of thinking or greater environment you’re in, and although these thoughts may seem original, it was through the help of what surrounded you that helped you come up with these ideas.

Inspiration and motivation fall hand in hand. By building the right systems in your life, I think the two can work together coherently and lead to great things. Inspiration, for me, is the external factors of our lives and how they lead to shape us mentally, spiritually and physically. Motivation is more internal and is what drives us to act on our inspirations. It’s hard to have one without the other, however, when one or both experience lulls, I believe it’s imperative that there are systems in place to continue moving forward.


My inspirations:


My friends. I have always chosen my friends very carefully, and I believe they will always be the greatest asset you could ever have in life. We don’t choose our family, but if we are lucky, our family will become our friends. This is definitely the case for me, which I think has had a huge impact on my development growing up. The people I have chosen to surround myself inspire me, every single day. When I look around at my friends, I see a collection of passionate people who are continually striving to better themselves and learn everything about the aspects of life which have firmly caught their attention. They are open-minded, hard-working, caring, risk-takers, innovative, creative and so much more; these are just a handful of the qualities I adore about them.

Creative Inspirations. I come across new creative inspiration every day. I find it online, in nature, in books, and in conversation. Online I like to save photos or pieces of writing that make me feel something. Ultimately, with my work or writing this is what I want to achieve. I want to make people feel. If you can make someone feel something, you have the ability to influence or inspire them. In conversation, if someone says something, I will often note it down as soon as I can. Although the note I write may be a tangent to the future piece of writing, it often is often the spark big ideas later on.





Health & Physical Inspirations

Physical. There are three aspects to physical inspirations for me. My friends and other athletes, I love seeing how far someone can push themselves and how much the human body can adapt to consistent work. Running for me will always be one of the most fascinating examples of this. Secondly, the happiness that comes with being fit motivates me to continually and consistently stay active. I know that my physical health is an integral part of keeping my mind switched on and my energy levels high. Thirdly, this is probably the only driving factor from something I don’t want. It kills me when I see people deteriorate and become complacent with the physical health because it soon becomes apparent how it leaks into every other area of their life. Alas, keeping physically fit a priority and an important pillar of life that I try to uphold to the best of my ability.




Personal motivation.

Myself. I believe I am my biggest inspiration and motivation. Obviously, I will be influenced by the external factors of my life, but internally, it will always be up to me to make the final decision and act. I am inspired by kindness and positivity and I love watching the rippling effect it can have on an individual, small group or community. I always want to give as much as possible, pick up any challenge, take the hardest option, or endure the route the demands more. The more I can give in every aspect of life, the more I believe will hand back to me. However, it’s not transactional, because sometimes you just need to give, give and keep giving.


Furthermore, I want the world to see and feel the power of positivity. Through my observations, I notice that people no matter how closed or open they may be, are drawn to boundless positivity. Humans are highly relatable. I can only imagine we like to relate things to feel comfortable. One of my goals is to show the world that some of the most beautiful, alluring, captivating or inspiring creative processes do not have to come from a place of darkness. With the never-ending well of poetry, art, writing, art, and motivation that arises from pain, struggle, heartache, hurt and so on, I think there is a something incredibly powerful about the work that grows from positivity, hope, self-belief and uplifting thoughts. I see both sides of each style and source, but I believe it is my duty to project the positivity I seem to have an abundance of.



These thought processes, inspirations, and motivations are perpetually changing and evolving, but at this current time in my life, I have done my best to explain them in a concise manner.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts and your inspirations.

Big Love,


Kindness is like water,
whether it be a rain-drop
or a tidal wave.
It will always be felt and have the power to
bring change beyond measure.
– Joshua Lynott

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