Signing copies of my book. An experience extremely unique and hard to describe. I suppose it’s just like an artist finishing a painting and signing the bottom corner before it enters a home or an art gallery. It was truly special, the finishing touch to the masterpiece I have created over the last 2 years. This week I received the first shipment of my book WHY DON’T YOU? to post out worldwide. I was able to write personal messages in the books and put them in the post to any address across the globe. 

Whilst the whole delivery was extremely exciting and slightly nerve-wracking (hoping the order would arrive before I fly to Russia) it also created a very steep learning curve. I have never had to collect information, develop payment systems or send out physical products to people. In my mind, I knew it wasn’t rocket science as it’s basically one of the processes that the world revolves around. Nonetheless, it opened up challenges and forced me to quickly learn a lot of things that weren’t present in the creative side of developing the book. 

I will look to be doing another run of books with personalized messages for readers in Europe and for Australia later in the year before Christmas. For now, you can still get a signed copy with a small note from the following link which is being posted worldwide from Australia.


A few insights and thoughts from my week.


It was late Friday afternoon that the shipment 10 cartons of books arrived, in the 72 hours that I followed I found myself signing and packaging as many as I could before boarding the flight to Moscow. After having initial issues with Amazon it was awesome to see the book finally take off and launch how I envisioned. This is only the beginning and I look forward to doing public speaking, book launches and other events nationally and internationally as I promote and talk about the book. 

In classic fashion, I was only home for 3 weeks but it was a wonderful three weeks back in Adelaide. It allowed me to regroup and collect thoughts on the months before and the ones ahead. Throughout the course of the week, I managed to run 98.4km which was my largest of week of running/training ever (excluding the week of the ultra). I spent a lot of time running with my great mate Michael Nitschke, one of Adelaide’s leading podiatrist/health practitioners. If you read my previous post about inspirations, Michael is someone who inspires me immensely and I could write a lot about him. Whilst running, I was telling him how wonderful it was to be home and absorb and talk about the experiences I’ve had this year. It was in this conversation Michael said,

“It’s important to have dormant periods. Some of the best times are when we are dormant and can take in everything.” 

The way I viewed the word ‘dormant’, was like a dormant volcano. The volcano is still bubbling, it’s still active, and running hot inside but it’s not exploding or creating destruction. So like the big moments in our life, when we are like an exploding volcano and big events are happening, too many of these can wear us down or take us on a burning path if too frequent or unguided. So it’s the dormant periods where we absorb and reflect that are so incredibly important to us.

On other topics, Michael went on to say in another conversation about the importance of waking up and knowing what you’re going to do to better yourself for the day. ‘Quickly Tuesday becomes Thursday and just like that, you missed a day’. Although the conversation was discussing running training, it was very relevant to life. It is hugely important that we wake up each day and go to bed each night, how we are going to better ourselves for the day and the one to follow. It’s these micro-goals that soon stack up on each other that create powerful growth in our lives.

Next week I’m going to be in Central Russia, in a small town called Krasnoyarsk. I can’t wait to see what the week will entail.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Big Love,


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