Out of the mountains and back into the city. I’ve spent a good chunk of the last two months being an urban city bug. As much as I love adventure, time spent with friends is equally as important to me. Most of my friends from Norway that I met on my adventures last time had moved into the big smoke. There’s not actually much smoke in Oslo, it’s incredibly clean and very well organised. I suspect it’s only going to get cleaner and cleaner too, as the government is making it very difficult to park in the city. 



Hot off the wild few days in Molde and the mountains of Norway, I was still buzzing. My legs were heavy, but running is my favourite way to explore a city so that’s exactly what I did. My friends took me to several routes around Oslo. I was astounded to find farmlands, forest and parklands smack bang in the middle of Oslo. It’s evident that fitness is such a big part of the Norwegian culture which I absolutely love. As my friend said, “If you’re going to be a CEO of a company, you better be running marathons or doing Ironmans.” I could on for a while about this topic, but I’ll save the benefits of running and training for another blog post.



The rainy cold weather continued in Oslo, so I spent most of my days in the editing sweet with Wordup, a Norwegian based Video production team. These guys are some of the best in business, well from what I’ve seen. You should check them out on Vimeo and you’ll soon appreciate why I think so. The boys at wordup filmed the whole weekend at Daehlie which they’ll soon be turning into a 4-6 piece series along with commercial for Daehlie sportswear. Like all great operators, their attention to detail is fantastic along with their highly efficient work streams and processes. They inspired me a lot, as one day I’d like to have a creative space of my own for editing, exhibitions and much much more. I presume I need to be in one place for a while to build something like that, so that may be a little while away.


Out of the studio, it was a very cruisy week strolling around Frogner park and not trying to spend to much on overpriced coffee. Norway is still the most expensive place I’ve been. If we use the price of coffee as our item of comparison. I ordered a regular latte, just like I would in Australia and it cost me $9.20AU equivalent. I don’t think Australian’s would drink coffee it cost that much.. Crazy scenes.

The end of my week took me to England, to visit my great friend Tom Hickman founder of the ultra marathon. Again, straight into exploring and running. Into the rain and out to the national park of the area. I think I’m at my cold weather quota, but it’s been a mildly refreshing changeup.

It’s been a while since my last podcast so I sat down with Tom to have chat. Here’s our first podcast together, I’m sure there will be many more.

Keep crushing it!


“It’s okay to go against logic, but never intuition.” – Tom Hickman


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