Slow travel, it’s a damn good thing! What do I mean by slow travel?

Here’s a couple examples of slow travel from my last week:

– Knowing the family at the local food stall and that they do the best spring rolls in town.
– Staying in the same place, so if sunrise isn’t firing, you know you’ll be there for when it is.
– Knowing every back street and highway within a 20km radius.
– Having a place to do your washing; a real luxury.
– Showing up at the same cafe every day because they have the best wifi.
– Having a base, ideal for training.


After a few years of travelling, it became apparent to me that enjoyed travelling ‘slower’ and immersing myself in the place I choose far better than bouncing around from place to place. In the weeks prior to arriving in the Philippines, I was bouncing around a lot. I wouldn’t change it, but it can certainly be exhausting and taxing on the body, especially as a runner. Furthermore, you only really skim the surface rather than develop any genuine connection with the people or the environment around you.

I flew to the Philippines to catch up with one of my best mates Jackson Groves and to dive into a training camp. Alas, for the next three weeks, I’ll be slowing down my travel and basing myself in the Philippines. The plan is to train 6 days a week and fit in an adventure or two when we can. In December, Jackson and I will be competing in the first SwimRun race in SE Asia. It’s a 24km run and a 2.5km swim around the Nusa Islands. Jackson and I have been running consistently this whole year, but our swimming ability is very novice. Being Australian, we have been raised by the ocean or in the pool during the intense summer heat. However, swimming 30-40 minutes at a time is something we aren’t conditioned for just yet. The event we are doing is the Bali-Hope SwimRun, with the goal to raise $60000USD to upgrade a plastic recycling centre on Nusa Lembongan. There are 30 competitors, 15 teams of two, that will be competing.


Sunrise before training.


This is what our training schedule has looked like.

  • 15km run
  • 2km swim
  • Gym: Back/Core
  • WU 2.5 + Session: 5km time trial. + WD2.5    approx. 10km
  • 2.5km swim
  • Gym: Chest/Tris/Core
  • 15km run
  • 2km swim
  • Gym: Back/Core
  • Morning adventure
  • Easy run – 12km
  • 2km Swim
  • Tempo run + warm down.
  • 2.5km swim
  • Gym: Chest/Core

  • Long run: 25km – 2 hours +/-
  • Swim optional.
  • Adventure bag cleanup


Run total: 85-90km
Swim total: 11-12km

Cebu adventures.



As you can see it’s quite intense, but this is one of the great things about having a base. Having a base has allowed me to train and recover better than it would if we were bouncing around from country to country or town to town.

During the week, we snuck in a couple adventures! I was so stoked to tick off something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. Swimming with sardines! Our friend took us down to Moalboal where the sardines gather and it was truly incredible.

We also got to hit a couple local waterfalls on our day off, the blue water of the Phillippines is just magic.

Anyway, it’s nearly time to get to the gym!

Big Love,


To do what’s convenient, it may be easy, it may be wrong… who knows. One thing convenient will guarantee, it’ll be commonplace and a good chance boring. – Josh Lynott


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