Wake Up Early!


When was the last time you got up before 6am every day for more than two weeks? To be honest, I don’t think there was a last time for me. It’s been on my mind for a while now to attempt it, but there has always been a day where I crumble and wake up after 6am. NOT THIS TIME. We pushed out some big training, scored a Jeep and ran an Adventure Bag Clean Up!

The last two weeks, I’ve trained harder than ever before and also respected sleep more than ever before. Typically, I don’t mind if I operate off 4 or 5 hours sleep, however, with 15 training sessions a week I figured this wouldn’t be a smart idea. Jackson and I have now completed 2 full weeks of our “Moalboal Training Camp” (Three weeks for Jackson). Monday to Friday this week we were up at 5am and in bed no later than 9pm, and on the weekends, up at 4am and asleep by 8.15pm.


Moalboal Training Camp Week #2 and Diet


We’ve said throughout the week, this wouldn’t always be possible or easy to do in other parts of the world or periods of our life (depending on daylight, adventures, adventures, projects and socialising) but right now we have created an environment for ourselves where it’s possible. 

In our attempt to be in the best shape possible for the BaliHope SwimRun on the 8th of December, this week we completed the following;

  • 6 running sessions – 87km
  • 5 swimming sessions – 10.2km
  • 4 gym sessions.






I’ve received a lot of questions about the diet we follow. Since being in the Phillippines, Jackson and I have been following a vegetarian diet. Off little research, but from a few articles we read, podcasts listened to, and discussions we’ve had we decided it would be best for us physically. Deciding to start this diet in the Philippines probably wasn’t the ideal place to start, due to the fact their cuisine largely revolves around meat and there aren’t a large number of meat alternatives. As I always say, there is never an ideal or perfect time to start something in your life, so it is best to just jump straight in and learn as you go. It has been difficult to find a solid source of protein with the lack of vegetarian options but we have pushed on.

Right now a classic day of eating entails:

  • Toast with Peanut Butter and Honey before run @ 5:30am
  • Banana and juice before swim @ 7:30am
  • Overnight oats with fruit post swim @9am
  • Coffee and green smoothie bowl @10:30am
  • Another smoothie.
  • Plate of vegetables, cold rolls and rice. @2pm
  • Toast or snack before gym around 4pm.
  • Vegetable curry with rice. @7.30pm

Feel free to critique or let me know where it’s possible to fit in or get more protein in, I’m only new to the vegetarian lifestyle. Basically, we are just eating A LOT, and often to refuel as well as possible. 

Alas, that’s a wrap up on training. Two boys, having a dig. Pushing ourselves and each other as much as we can, yet trying to incorporate our previous experience into a sensible training regime.


Upgrading Our Wheels!

Coming into the weekend, we made a few upgrades to our transport. We’ve just been zipping around on a moped here in Moalboal, however, this week we teamed up with Jeep for a collaboration. Jeep gave us a Wrangler to drive around till we head to Bali, so we took it out to one our favourite roads on Cebu to get some photos. Driving along the coastal road of Cebu, with gatorade blue waters and walls of palms in the sunshine on Saturday has to be one of my favourite summery feelings.

Along with the Jeep, Jackson bought his first motorcycle. We did some research before Jacko pulled the pin on buying a bike, debating whether to keep things automatic or move to the manual world. Our final decision was to opt for the manual mainly for the challenge and to develop a new skill. We figured that there are so many countries (e.g. India, Indonesia, parts of South & Central America) where they only offer manual bikes, so no better time than the present to learn. A quick crash course from youtube whilst at the dealer and I was off into the busy afternoon roads of Moalboal. A few days in and we were changing gears a bit smoother and ready to head into Cebu.





Adventure Bag Clean Up!


To close our week, we hosted an Adventure Bag Clean up (@adventurebagcrew on IG) at Budlaan Falls in Cebu City. A quick introduction to Adventure Bag Crew to fill you in on the movement; Adventure Bag is a movement started by Jackson whereby every adventure you go on, you collect one bag of trash. After doing so, you post a photo of you and your bag of trash on your Instagram story and/or feed and it’s a simple as that. Some adventures you’ll find a bag already on the trail or nearby, other times you’ll need to bring your own.


Jackson and I promoted the event across Instagram throughout the week, giving everyone a location and meeting time. Sunday morning we set off on the new motorbike at 4.30am to tackle a 3 hour drive on the manic roads to Cebu. As expected, the drive was wild but we made it one piece.



By 9.30am, we had over 90 people at the Budlaan Falls trail head. We handed out bags to everyone and off we went. Budlaan Falls, a short and simple hike had a reputation for being ‘clean’ amongst the Filipino people. On many hikes there will be a common belief that the trail is clean, however, it’s when you look a metre or two off the side the path that you will quickly discover a lot of trash. This was the case at Budlaan. Fifteen minutes into the hike we had groups of people off the side of the hike, filling and hauling up large bags of trash. Upon making it to the waterfall, most people had filled up or contributed to as small teams, a bag of trash.


Finishing the hike, we had a truck organised to collect all the trash and dispose of it properly into landfill. It was a terrific event and outcome, with our next clean up on December 2nd in Canggu after we fly into Bali on Saturday.




Overall, a very fun and productive week. It’s weeks like these and moments within the week that I will write down to pull parts from and try to replicate in the future. I look forward to attacking week three of the training camp before heading to Bali.

Keep working hard,

Big Love,



People dabble and float in the idea of improving themselves.
Write what you’re going to do and go after it. – Joshua Lynott


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