4 months block.

I don’t even know what I feel about coming home. Over four months ago, I embarked on a trip to Russia to work with the Siberian tourism board with little to no plans on what I’d be doing after. I boarded the flight to Russia with $88 dollars with a little money still to come through from jobs I’d just finished, but I didn’t think I’d be able to hang on overseas for the remainder of the year. In those four months, I went around the entirety of the world, and it was wild. From Russia, I went to Finland, France, Norway, England, Sri Lanka, Brazil and then back around the world to the Philippines and Bali.
That’s definitely not a generic flight route, and I’d often receive unusual looks from the people checking me in at the airport when I told them where I was flying. This year was a series of phases and chapters, with different events and countries being the themes of these. I was never sure how I would make it to the next upcoming block financially, but I’d always carry an unrelenting belief that it’ll work out* (*Being highly proactive being the backbone to the belief).

Returning home to Adelaide

Alas, it was time to head back to Adelaide. I think I’ll spend the next couple of months there, and enjoy the sizzling Aussie heat. It’s a different kind of heat to SE Asia, as it’s very dry. A climate I thrive in. I’ll be soaking up the heat, spending time with friends and training lots to set myself up for a huge 2019.

I haven’t got out with the camera much since being home, I’ve mainly been running lots. Knocking our 95km a week. One of my biggest weeks this year. Anyway, here’s a few photos from home, they’re quite dreamy.









Big Love,


“If you chase what makes you buzz, you’ll find yourself in the right place. – Joshua Lynott”

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