I entered the new year feeling fresh as a daisy. By 10:30pm I was fast asleep in preparation to get up and run the next morning. As I watched the early fireworks, I felt it was counterintuitive to enter the new year sleep deprived and feeling worse for wear from a night out.

Welcome 2019.


I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. It’s a classic topic that surfaces every January whilst out for coffee at your local cafe, but I think we need a new word. What about a New Year’s Theme? If you solve or achieve your New Year’s Resolution in the first week, where does that leave you for the rest of the year? 

I’m asking a lot of rhetorical questions to you right now, but what if you employed the idea of having a theme for your year?


Last year, my theme was consistency.  Consistency will be a major theme of my year once again, however, I’ll also be bringing IMPACT into the equation. During the second half of last year, I started to become more conscious of the impact I can make opposed to simply just travelling to destinations, running and taking photos. I have the ability to positivity impact people through my running, writing, photos and actions, and I’ll look to further increase the positive impact I can make through projects I’ll work on this year. 

Project focused and impact focused.

The projects I’ll be working on this year will all fall under different categories: fitness, fundraising, writing another book, education, plastic/environment and self-development. 



Within the next two weeks, I’ll be opening up a project for you and others to be a part of. Currently, I’m in the final stages of confirming details. I’ll be hosting an experience at one of my favourite island destinations. It’s going to be challenging, push you to be more creative and get more out of yourself. I’ll be posting more about it on my Instagram with an accompanying blog post. If you resonate with this as a highly motivated individual, please message me on Instagram or send me an email to register your interest via catchme@joshualynott.com


Chipping away.


Throughout this week I have been working intensely on finalising details for the event so it’s an immersive physical and mental challenge for all involved. Alongside the logistics of the event, I’ve been running plenty! I’m now running around 90-95km a week across 6 days. It’s been a very slow process managing the load and building up my mileage, but it’s amazing to look back on. This time last year, I was in Melbourne with the goal of building up to 50km a week. It’s been a great lesson in patience, and although it feels slow, when you look back on it all, the improvement is incredible. Following on from the SwimRun, I have continued my swimming with the aim to continually build and develop an aerobic engine.




Other things I’ll be looking to do this year:
  • Listen to more podcasts opposed to music 100% of the time. (Send me your favorites)
  • Read 20 books, with the goal to eventually read 52 books a year like the ‘successful CEOs’
  • Learn or do something new that is out of my comfort zone. E.g Public Speaking Course.
  • Write another book, with a new twist.
  • Further educate myself and others on plastic and other environmental issues.
  • Run 4200km over the year. (80km per week average.)


These are just a few of the ideas and plans for this year. I’d love to hear yours and how you plan to attack them.

Keep chasing that thing that makes you buzz!

Big Love,



“When the fear of being comfortable and inaction is greater than the feeling of comfort, only then will you act. – Joshua Lynott”


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