This week was a hot week! It hit 46.6 degrees Celsius in Adelaide, or for the American readers, that’s 114!
It was a relatively low-key week for me this week as I mainly focused on selecting the participants for my workshop and running training of my own.

On the hottest day of the year, I spent the day with Jackson down at Second Valley cave diving and running along the bottom of the ocean holding rocks. Why did we do this?

1. It was extraordinarily hot outside.
2. We had to make a video for the Sony Action Cam.
3. It was extremely hot, and to sit on the rocks would be silly.

The video turned out very cool, so you’ll get to see that shortly up on our¬†instagram feeds. Unfortunately, I lost my wallet that day, however, it was a great day and that shouldn’t be a reason to dampen the spirits.


My friend ran a 100km ultra marathon!



On the weekend my great friend Angus ran his first ultra marathon. I haven’t attended an ultra marathon since my own race in Bali. It was eye-opening to be back at an event to see how the athletes would get through it. Like when I did my first ultra, my friend Angus has never even completed a marathon before. However, he decided the lofty challenge of running 100km was something that would intensely push him physically and mentally.

To any ultra, there is a huge mental side but also a nutritional side. Angus’ ultramarathon was slightly different as it was around a 400m athletics track. This meant he had to complete 250 laps!!! The great thing about running laps is that you can really dial in on your nutrition because you can get support each and every lap. I found it fascinating comparing the different pros and cons of running an ultra around a track compared to running it across a whole island. Both have their ups and downs.

I am super proud of Angus for his achievement. He put himself in the deep end and rose up to the extraordinary challenge. He completed the ultra in just a tick over 12 hours. I can’t wait to see how his future in running unravels. Once again, when you fully believe in something, you can do anything. From Sean running 50 marathons in 50 days to Angus doing 100km on the track, amazing. This is why I love running because it is such a great way to see people break barriers.


Big Love,



“Do what they said you can’t. They only say you can’t because they cannot comprehend it themselves. – Josh Lynott”

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