Welcome to the month of February!


As January ticked over to February, I felt happy with my decision to stay home in South Australia for the summer. There haven’t been any wild adventures, however, I’ve spent a lot of time running, catching up with friends and working. What has my work consisted of? A whole array of things. I’ve been working as a barista, I’ve been working retail selling running shoes, I’ve been taking photos and I’ve also been working on The Siargao Session. Outside of those activities, we held another Adventure Bag cleanup in South Australia with the inclusion of environment minister from South Australia, David Spiers MP.


The event of the week: Adventure Bag Cleanup Seacliff


With Jackson and I both being in South Australia for a while, it’s been great to organize a few adventure bag cleanups together. This week we held a cleanup down at Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club with a special visit from environmental minister David Spiers MP. It was great to have David out as he is currently campaigning to ban single-use plastics from South Australia.

Personally, I think this is the best way to work on the single-use plastic issue, by banning them from the source. Obviously, this will have initial implications on the businesses that rely on single use-plastics, however, with a structured and well thought out buffer period, I believe it’s possible to make a positive change with the removal of single-use plastics.


We had another terrific turnout for the cleanup, with around sixty people coming out on a Saturday morning to clean up Seacliff.



Asides from that, I’m working tirelessly on the Siargao Session event I’m hosting in April and training the house down for the Bali-Hope Ultra in May. Whilst I’m in Adelaide, it’s a great time to build the foundations of my training.

Big Love,


If there is something inside of you, a feeling, a dream or small burning desire, I urge you to explore it. Over time, you will make yourself tired and crush the small sparks of inspiration that try to surface whilst you try to pursue goals that aren’t true to you. Dig deeper and ask more of yourself, find out what motivates you and fly from there. – Joshua Lynott




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