I see my life in a series of blocks and chapters. Sometimes these blocks stack upon each other, and other times they overlap or merge. In this block, my summer in Adelaide, I’ve spent a lot of time either at the beach, at cafes or running. Photography has been on the back burner, so I thought I’d get behind the lens and take a few photos for a cafe I’ve been frequenting.


Market 33, is a cozy hole in the wall cafe in Glenelg, South Australia. Taken over by Maddie, a girl with a beaming smile and an abundance of positivity, she has turned this old bakery into a funky hangout. Trialing different recipes every day, it’s always exciting to walk in the bakery and see what will be on offer for the day.
Coffee and toast have become a regular morning ritual, accompanied by either my mates or my notebook. If you’re ever in Glenelg, it’s worth checking out. I think it’s my new favourite cafe!


Outside of the time spent at Market 33, Adelaide certainly did it’s best to prove to me that it is home to the best sunsets in the world.  I am so grateful for the continual insane sunsets that light up the South Coast of Aus.

Just a short post this week, but a few photos attached that will accompany the words above well.

Big Love,


“A smile goes a long way. Further than you think, and further than you’ll ever know.” – Josh Lynott

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