Jumping from island to island, I think it’s one of the best ways to spend a day. To take things up a notch, where else better to do it than the Philippines? Jackson and I are back travelling and working together in the Philippines, this time to a Coron island hopping tour. An island I’ve never been to but heard a lot about. We were here to head out off the beaten boat track and find some gems around the islands of Coron. For this Coron island hopping tour, we teamed up with Big Dream Boat Man.




Flying into Cebu, our next stop was Coron. From here we’d meet up with the boys from Big Dream Boat Man and hit the islands for 3 days. I had no idea what to expect on this Coron island hopping tour but once we were out on the water, I was instantly impressed. We were motoring along the gatorade blue water with huge jagged island cliffs lingering on the horizon. It was easy to tell we were in for a phenomenal three days. Thankfully the weather was on our side too, blue skies for as far as the eye could see.


My favourite part of the Coron island hopping tour was the amount of free diving we did! Every day we spent hour upon hour submerged in the magnificent waters. I didn’t want to get out. My fingers and toes would go numb before I decided it was necessary to leave the water.

Free Diving!


On the first day of the Coron island hopping tour, we visited a WWII shipwreck. Previously, the only shipwreck I had free-dived was in Greece, but that wasn’t a complete ship like what we were about to dive. This ship was easily accessible if you weren’t a strong diver but also went down 20-30 metres if you wanted to test your lungs. Every patch of the ship was covered in coral and marine life. With the boys from Big Dream Boat Man, Swimming laps up and down the ship, I was obsessed with the endless shapes and colours of the coral covering the ship. This was just the start of our island hopping. We would jump out of the boat frequently to explore new reefs. It seemed that around every corner and no matter where we parked the boat, we were guaranteed to find amazing water.


Docking in at an array of islands throughout the day, one of the standouts (they’re all at least 9/10) was Black Island. An island which had it all; A shipwreck, multiple caves, another shipwreck, insane reefs, and beautiful beaches. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



Vegetarian food and camping.


Island hopping takes the energy out of you, fortunately for us, Big Dream Boat Man brought along a fantastic chef. Sometimes it can be difficult to find quality vegetarian options here, but not when the Big Dream Boat Man chef is around. We were treated to the best Filippino vegetarian meals I’ve ever had. The fact that the chef was preparing and cooking all these meals from the back of the boat was utterly impressive.

As night arrived, we moved to another island to camp for the night. Looking on the map, I found it funny how isolated we were. We were on one of the 7071 islands that comprise the Philippines, surrounded by large bodies of water in every direction. Burning slowly into the horizon, we watched the sun go down from a small hill on our island of the night.

Morning two of our Coron island hopping tour was pristine, waking up looking out on the surrounding islands with mangoes awaiting on our breakfast table. There isn’t a much better way to start the day.

Over the next two days, we continued to push on to other islands that were less explored and snorkel until we couldn’t anymore. The days with Big Dream Boat Man were the best snorkeling and freediving I’ve ever done. I was stoked on how much I improved in the three days.

If you’re heading looking to do a Coron island hopping tour, I would highly recommend doing a tour with Big Dream Boat Man. The guys on the boat are full of fun, smiles, and stories from sunrise till late in the night. You’ll get to experience a tour unlike any other and be treated to some of the freshest and best food in the Philippines. For those who aren’t vegetarian, you’ll even get to experience the chef’s best work as he cooks up fish caught off the boat during the day.


Adventure Bag Clean Up


After the island hopping had finished, we stayed at Casa Fidelis. 30 minutes out of Coron, Casa Fidelis is a cozy accommodation well and truly hidden off the main road.

On the limited wifi we had, Jackson organised a clean up at Mount Tapyas. It was a small crew but we still managed to pick up around 20 bags of trash. Once again, we were told that the government has recently picked up all the trash off the hike but this was not the case. Off the edges, we collected bags and bags of plastic bottles and wrappers.



Sunset up the top was magical and attracted a huge crowd before we carried all our adventure bags back down.


Keep being mindful about your actions, this world is far too beautiful to destory.

Big Love,


The world will look after itself and we shouldn’t expect it to do any more than that. Expect more of yourself, pay a little more respect and the world will spin a little easier today & tomorrow. – Josh Lynott


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