I haven’t been this physically and mentally exhausted in a long time. I’ve been running red hot for two months now since I left to Sydney and Philippines. In the last month, I really felt like there was no off switch. Getting knocked down with a parasite in the middle of The Siargao Session really took it out of me in many ways.
During The Siargao Session, I was shattered at the timing of it all. There is never great timing for any kind of sickness, but felt bad that it was in the middle of an event which I’d worked so hard for. My friend said to me, “You’re human Josh, people get sick and they will understand. Everyone get’s sick.” This was so true. We all get sick and that’s just life.

I was happy with my organisation because the event kept running smoothly despite me being out of order for a little while.

Backing up straight onto Project Lombok, I really didn’t have any time to rest. On Strava, it looked like my lowest week of training in the last year, but in fact we spent 12 hours alone of hiking. It was a hard one to break the consistency of my running but I knew that the hiking was still very beneficial, considering the hill that I’ll have to deal with in Bali.
I was planning to spend the next three weeks in Canggu before the Bali Ultra, but coming home I think will be a great decision.
My sister has recently just acquired a brand new Puppy named Wesley and he is just the best. Above all, I just want to focus on running and recovery. Recovering my mental exhaustion and my gut after the parasite.
Big Love,

Josh Lynott

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