Thursday mornings have been my favourite since returning to Adelaide. It goes a little something like this.


Wake up between 6 – 6:30am, have a couple slices of toast, throw on my running gear and jump in the car to pick up my mate Nitta. If you’ve followed my blogs from the beginning, from South Australia or in the running community – you’ll probably know Nitta (Michael Nitschke) as a leading Podiatrist. He is also a very keen ‘forest runner’ as I’m going to call it in this post. Every Thursday, he sets time in his full/study schedule to run in the forest. He understands the importance of being out in nature and how it makes you feel.


For two hours, we leave all thoughts aside and embrace the sound of footsteps on pine needles. It baffles me that such a small percentage of South Australians would have ever been through these forests. I know they’re not like Norway or New Zealand, but the feeling I get when I run through them is very similar. Honestly, running through the forest in SA has been like some kind of therapy. In the lead up to the ultra, we’ve typically spent 2 – 2.5 hour amongst the tall trees. If you’re a runner, I highly recommend taking a bit of extra time in your week to explore some places softer underfoot. Hit the forest rather than the pavement, it’ll do a lot more than you think. Every time we get in the car to drive home, we both recognise a feeling of happiness within.
After the parasite, I lost a lot of confidence with my running. I felt like I was falling behind from the lead pack of competitors. Comparison is a hard thing to avoid when you aren’t feeling your best.
Nitta assured me that I had done the work, and now was purely about getting that confidence back. Our forests runs definitely brought confidence back into my running. Not from a performance perspective, but from a mental viewpoint. To run well, you have to feel confident within your own stride. You need to feel good and feel light.
After the runs, we’d put on our ugg boots, fresh track pants, a new jacket, crank the heater and head to the bakery. Nothing like a donut after running for two hours. It doesn’t end there, from the bakery we’d head to a cafe to get protein pancakes with extra peanut butter. This was just a Thursday morning, but it was for sure the highlight of my week. It’s what I looked forward to.
Until next time,

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