This week I decided to fly from Adelaide to Perth, eventually en route to Bali. I flew to Perth to hang out with some of my best mates Goose and Kurt. Goose and I became friends when we both lived in Sydney and Kurt and I in Adelaide. They moved to Perth to train at WAIS as elite athletes, their discipline being pole vault. They are two people I admire a lot and I hadn’t seen them since they made the move to the West.


I was asked an interesting question the other day, “Are you an introvert or extravert Josh?”
It was a tricky question, so I asked for a little bit more clarification on it.
They went on to say, “Do you restore your energy by being around others or by being by yourself?”
For me, this was a new way to look at introversion vs extraversion. In this instance, it made me think that I tended to be more extraverted. Over the last three weeks, I have gained a lot of energy from being around my close friends and family. Hence, I believe I tend to be more extraverted. I have no trouble being solo or spending time by myself, but I adore people too much I think to be introverted.
We are the product of the people we surround ourselves with. For me this extends to the people will talk to most. As I’m travelling a lot, there are only a handful of people I am physically around but there are a few more people who I will call/communicate with on a frequent basis. These are the people I bounce ideas ofF, check in with and discuss the ‘big talk’ with. Big talk being the big questions we have of ourselves and our externalities.
Heading to Perth was a great decision, I left feeling motivated and mentally a lot fresher than when I returned to Australia after Lombok and the parasite.
It was also my first time outside of Perth airport, so I finally got to see a tiny glimpse of what Western Australia has to offer. I can’t wait to get back there, most likely in the summer, to see more of the incredible landscapes on offer.
A highlight from my time in Perth was pasta making night:
With two friends, we made pasta by hand. The process was slow but the result was delicious. We had Frank Sinatra playing in the background, a game of Scrabble going and great chat being thrown about. It’s little moments when we slow down like this that is so good for the soul.
Next stop Bali!
It’s Ultra Time!
Big Love,

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