The long-awaited return for the Bali-Hope Ultra Marathon. I’ve written an extensive blog post about the race, my mindset going into the race and what happened during the race. You can read that here!


Outside of the actual race, it was another brilliant event and week in Bali. Race aside, the Bali-Hope Ultramarathon has such a tremendous impact on me because of the people I get to share the week with. It’s a unique collection of people that come together to push themselves to the limits but have huge hearts for others.
This year I further developed relationships from last year and made new ones that I can’t wait to unravel.
What I didn’t mention in the race blog post was the element of fundraising.
This year I managed to raise nearly $8200 AU. This well surpassed last year and was a huge effort for me. In the first half of this year I have surpassed $10000 of fundraising for children’s education. Fundraising is a difficult task but so rewarding, I look forward to developing this skill in the future.
Off to Lombok now!
Big Love,
Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the week.





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