It’s time for another block! Over the last year of travel it has been a necessary part of my life to have these blocks. They are essential for continuity and to stop burn out from occurring. I also really appreciate the importance of settling in one place for longer periods of time.

What’s the focus of this block?

  • Recovery. Learn to walk again properly after running the ultra.
  • Start focusing on building strength in my legs and developing core.
  • Catch up on the life admin that fell behind in the lead up to the race.
  • Plan for the second half of the year.


Kuta has been a fun place to base myself this week. Particuarly because I have been staying at Martas Windows. It is a secluded accommodation tucked away behind the main street of Kuta, Lombok. It was great to be able to hang my clothes up out of the suitcase, jump in a pool and have a solid desk to get work done. Above all, what an aesthetically pleasing place to stay!

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Recovery has been going well. I’m now walking relatively pain-free. This wasn’t the case when I boarded the flight to Lombok from Bali, I was hobbling onto the plane with an inflamed tendon in my foot. My legs are starting to feel better and less fatigued. I took an entire 5 days off before resuming any training. I started by returning to the gym and have been working on mobility and single leg strength. I realised after the ultra that leg strength and core will be the primary focus in training going forward.
I’ve caught up on blogs, and this blog will be finally going out at a reasonable time!
Plans for the second half of the year… Well I’m going back to Australia first. I’m heading back for the Lululemon Ambassador on-boarding. Yes that’s right, I’m now a Lululemon Ambassador. I’m excited about this new partnership and what it’s going to entail. For me, it’s great to have a team alongside that will help and work with me on any ideas/future projects. They are big on self-development and health, which aligns massively with me. No doubt there will be some big things going on.
Anyway, I’m off the gym.
Big Love,

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