Found my feet in Lombok and returned back to Adelaide for a week. Sometimes life seems a little bit repetitive, and it’s these weeks back in Adelaide where I feel that the most.


I feel like I’m in a weird limbo where I’m waiting for the next event to come around. However, I’m a firm believer that each and every place I find myself, I’m there for a reason. In Adelaide, my reason is friends and family. Although I may be impatient with the day to day life of Adelaide, and would rather be in the mountains or somewhere warm and tropical, I am never sick of my friends and family. I love going home to bounce ideas off them and share stories. My friends are often my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation. They don’t travel as much as I do, but they are all so inspiring in the way they each lead their different lives.

Although repetition is sometimes a weakness for me, it is is always the key building block for any success in life. Consistency is what takes those from mediocre to great, and great to phenomenal. The underlying lesson I want to highlight is to make sure that you know which things you should be repetitively be doing. Make sure that you aren’t cementing bad habits into your life or continually catching up with the same people who don’t inspire you. Repetition can be easy and it can be fruitful. For it to be fruitful, it’s imperative that you be repetitively challenging yourself and doing tasks that better you each day. If you are doing challenging things, you’ll find that they don’t seem as repetitive. The constant progression requires small changes each day. Make small changes repetitively and you won’t find yourself in the humdrum boredom of repetitive actions that don’t allow space for growth.

Lululemon Photo Shoot





Once again, I spent a lot of time in the forest this week. However, this time I even did a photoshoot down there. As part of my new ambassadorship with Lululemon, we did a photoshoot for the Burnside store. Eventually, the photos from the shoot will be seen on the walls at Burnside Lululemon, South Australia. I find myself so happy when I’m in amongst nature.
Hope you had a great week!

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