Emotionally charged! That’s what I am right now. I’ve never used those words in succession until now. I flew to Melbourne this week for the Australia & NZ lululemon ambassador onboarding. What does this mean? Well, lululemon brought together their ambassadors from all around Australia and New Zealand to Melbourne. This meant that in one room, we had some seriously incredible people all bouncing and vibing off each other!



lululemon Ambassador Onboarding



Over the last year, a relationship between the lululemon Burnside store/team and I developed. Earlier this year they asked me if I would like to be their store ambassador. Without a second thought, I said yes! Heading to Melbourne this week was the official welcome and onboarding for myself and all the other new ambassadors coming onto the team. Each and every ambassador had their own unique story, and was inspiring to their local community. Being a lululemon ambassador is about developing and lifting this community further whilst further developing ourselves personally. It feels so great to have lululemon alongside me for the next two years as I’ve never really had a team supporting me before. Arriving at the onboarding only solidified this even more. Instantly, it felt like I was a part of a huge family. Small talk was minimal. Before we knew it, everyone was dancing madly infront of each other as we took park in a mass ‘ice-breaker’.





With only 3 days, the schedule was packed. As I try to recap the event it’s difficult to choose which parts to write about.

I had three goals for the event:
– Be fully in the moment and not think about the weeks ahead, work or anything else going in my life.
– Spend less time on my phone.
– Connect deeply with those around me.

Old friends I hadn’t seen for a while were also at the onboarding which was so exciting for me. I struggle to see my friends often that come from Adelaide, let alone ones that live interstate or overseas. To have some of these friends also on the onboarding was a gift I was extremely grateful for. Furthermore, there were hundreds of new faces I’d never met and thousands of stories waiting to be heard. Human connection is something I value most in life, so this was going to be a wild three days.

Across the days, we covered an extensive array of topics, presentations, and conversations. Personally, I enjoyed learning about lululemon and their brand visions along with how they plan to continually have more of a sustainable approach to fashion. Furthermore, I loved the goalsetting and the discussions that made me question myself. These questions weren’t easy to answer, and some of them still don’t have answers.

Example questions:

Where do I want to be in 2 years?

What legacy do I want to leave?

These are just two of the big questions that we were asked and ones that I am trying really hard to form answers for. I know the answers aren’t going to be set in stone but they will help shape where I want to go and what I want to do in the years to come. On an unrelated tangent, I also want to get into meditation more.



What do you prioritise?



After watching a presentation at the lululemon ambassador onboarding, the presenter asked if anyone in the audience wanted to stand up and speak. In particular, they wanted to know if anyone resonated with any of the talking points from the slides presented. Despite being a little nervous to stand up and speak my mind in front of the 200 people, I felt compelled to do so.

I stood up, introduced myself and went on to say something along the following lines.

“I resonated with the core value of fun. A lot of people ask me what I do and often I will reply with the response ‘I like to have fun.’ Typically, they’ll laugh at me as if I’m not being serious. But I am serious, I choose to do the things and I do because they’re fun to me. I believe we do our best work when we’re having fun, and the world needs more people who are doing their best work.”

Whether it be a hedonistic, ‘childish’, or ‘short-term’ mindset approach to life, it doesn’t bother me. It is the reason why I smile at strangers, the reason why I run through the forest or freedive to the bottom of the ocean. It’s the reason why I prioritize experiences over stability and spend my money to be around the people that enrich my life.

After this, I was known as the ‘fun guy’. This was a name I was happy to be known for. I think life would be a lot more interesting for some people if they changed what they prioritised when making decisions.

Additionally, before you judge someone else’s decisions, take a moment to think about what they prioritise.


Morning Runs & Yoga


Despite the weather being under 5 degrees every morning, there was a solid crew who were ready to run as the clock turned over 6 am each morning. Starting the day with a run at 6 am really sets the scene. We forgot about the weather and enjoyed how fresh the air was on our cheeks. Returning back to a hot coffee and yoga mat was a fantastic way to start the day. I love these kinds of mornings.


After the onboarding


After the onboarding, I spent time catching up with friends from Melbourne. I spent a lot of time with my friend Sam as we started to plan an exciting adventure that we have later in the year. I can’t say what it is just yet, but it’s going to be big. It will challenge Sam and the team a lot more than me, but I’m so stoked to just be a part of it all. It will be a huge learning experience for me as I help out and observe.

We took a few photos of some of the gear we’ll be using in this experience.





I have 24 hours in Adelaide when I return and then I’m off to Italy!

Big Love,


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