Over the last year, I have had a deep desire to travel to the Italian Dolomites. I felt compelled to place myself amongst some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Before flying to Italy, a friend told me that he cried when he first arrived in the Dolomites. The majestic grandeur of the Dolomites nature is overwhelming. Around every bend of the road, you are greeted with another new mountain peak and what seems like a million vibrant emerald pine trees.


Getting to the Dolomites.


Time to jump on my first ‘long flight’ of the year. After a year packed with many long-haul transits in 2018, it has been rather pleasant only having to fly short distances in 2019. However, I was now well and truly ready to venture to the other side of the world. Winter had well and truly made itself known in Adelaide, and I didn’t want to base myself out of Asia any longer. The mountains were calling me. I returned from Melbourne to Adelaide for one-night and then left the next evening to Venice.

I chose to fly to Venice as my research indicated this was one of the closest international airports to the Dolomites region. I landed a day before my friend Mudi arrived. Finding accommodation in Venice isn’t easy, especially in peak season. We stayed in a hostel called A&O which was one of the cleanest hostels I’ve ever stayed in. The wi-fi was also incredibly quick. Alas, in the day before Mudi arrived I did a lot of planning for places I thought would be worth seeing.


It’s time to explore!


Mudi landed in from Sydney and it was time to get cracking. Before anything else, our first stop was to collect our car for the week. I deliberated over doing the Dolomites via bus or by car (maybe one day I’ll do it on a push bike), but we decided that car was the best option. If you’re planning to go to Italy, make sure you have your International Driver’s Permit (IDP).


Mountains and Macchiatos



The rest of the entailed a lot of hiking! We mapped out our points of interest and off we went. Our days revolved around hiking, drinking macchiatos and eating pizzas at dinner.

Here are my favourite photos from the week.

Big Love,



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