Okay, I really have eaten way too much Cheese. I’ve been knocked out sick for three days this week which is tough.







The week started off with an incredible hike at Rigi Hochflue. It was the last hike with our friend Bjorn before he left back to Sweden. Switzerland has been incredibly hot this week, breaking the highest temperature records all around the country.

Hiking Rigi Hochflue was hot and tough. The hike was extremely steep on the incline and even steeper on the backside as we descended. We went hard on the hikes whilst Sam and Bjorn were visiting us and it was really starting to take a toll. My knees and quads were knackered and my overall energy was feeling down.

I underestimated the impact hiking would have on me. Spending 6-8 hours on the trails, more days than not, adds up. I didn’t show enough respect for the incline and how it was affecting my body.

As always, rest is always as important as the adventures whilst traveling. To continue on with week in week out travel, quality sleep and moments of rest are a necessity.

Anyway, the universe told me I needed to stop. I spent the next 3 days sick, it wasn’t too fun. Especially during the heatwave, unlike Australia, Switzerland isn’t equipped for the heat.

Here are a few photos from Rigi Hochflue!

See you next week.


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