I spent the majority of this week in a garage packing or learning how to pull-apart and reassemble mountain bikes.

I’m missing Switzerland already, I know I’m going to be back there one day. Maybe I’ll even live there for a period of time or base myself out of there? The mountains are nothing like I’ve ever seen before and the Swiss certainly know how to live efficiently. As expected, living in Switzerland really is a different world to South East Asia. Both countries have their quirks and nuances which I adore, but right now, I feel that living in the mountains is what I want to be doing. It made me feel strong and so alive.

I called this week the logistical lowdown because the whole week revolved around packing for Eco-Challenge in Fiji. I felt like my life was lived on the ‘downlow’ tucked away in the Dandenong ranges of Victoria.

It’s been a long time coming, next week we head to Fiji!

Big Love,


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