Navigating the last week has been an interesting experience for me on many levels. In light of the murder of George Floyd, protests, social-media movements, and trends – there has been a lot to take in. It has highlighted a huge gap in my education which I need to be proactive in filling. I have felt that I have not been in a place to talk or share opinions (particularly on social media) but rather listen. However, throughout the week I have had many brilliant and challenging conversations with my friends which I am happy about. In the midst of a revolution, the way everyone acts looks different. As part of my personal education and global support for an anti-racist world, I attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Adelaide.

Black Lives Matter Rally – Adelaide

On Saturday thousands gathered at Tartanyangga, in the city of Adelaide to fight and stand up against racism for a Black Lives Matter rally. The crowds stood in solidarity with Minneapolis and called for justice of George Floyd. The rally also drew attention to our own backyard in Australia where 432 Indigenous Australians have died in custody. Furthermore, speakers highlighted the Aboriginal and other minorities that continually battle against systemic racism. For decade after decade and till this day, they have unrelentingly fought to be treated equally and for a ‘fair go’.
In Australia, there have been 432 deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody since 1991 with no officer convictions or offenses. Police brutality isn’t just an issue in the U.S but also here in Australia – which was clearly and loudly voiced in South Australia. All those at the protest in Adelaide banded together to ask questions of those in positions of power and privilege for answers.
As I stood and listened to the speakers leading the rally, I felt the anger, hurt and frustration in their calls of ‘Enough is enough!’.
Many other poems, readings, and quotes struck me deeply but I am still finding the words as I learn and become educated.
These are some of the photos I took on today at the BLM Protest.

Day to Day


Throughout the rest of my week, I focused on my running and training. I am in a stage where I am transitioning to do faster work. On top of this, I’m starting to add in strength work which is one of the big benefits of having a base. It’s now been 5 weeks since I completed the calendar club, and I’m pleased with how my body is returning to load plus the introduction of speed. I’ll be looking to target a 5km race in the middle of July.

As the next week comes around, I will continue to keep challenging myself with the conversations I have and the work I do to become more informed.

Keep asking questions of yourself and others.

Big Love,


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