I almost developed a tan this week. The winter days of July provided some unexpected sunshine which I’m incredibly grateful for. I ran with my shirt off and drank new varieties of tea in the delightful winter warmth. Outside of the delectable blue skies, my mind was spinning around the idea of running. The focus of my week was a 5km race which was put on by Athletics SA. South Australia has been fortunate to see a return racing, with both cross country and road races being scheduled. Coming off an action-pack week, I knew I needed to re-calibrate and get on top of some ‘life-admin’. In running, we call weeks like this one a ‘taper week’. It simply means to deload the intensity of training in the hope to feel fresh on race day. Both my running and day to day life saw a deload this week which was refreshing for the body, mind, and soul.






This week’s race was interesting. Tactically, I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach the race. After putting together an 8-week block of consistent training with only a small calf niggle amongst it, it was time to test where I was at. In the warm-up, I decided I was going to run with the lead pack and see how long I could stay with them. It’s a gamble because If I hold on long enough I could run a great time but if I don’t, it will most likely jeopardise my race.

The first kilometres like any race went by effortless, from there on in the pace increased. I stayed with the lead pack for the first 3km, going through 3km in around 9.15 – 9.20. After this, I fell of the back of the pack and was left to run solo into a strong headwind. My legs became heavier and heavier. My fourth and fifth kilometres stung as other runners reeled me in. It wasn’t the ideal way to finish the race but I’m glad I didn’t have any questions when I came across the finish line. I’m super proud of the boys from Bayside Run Club who also got out to race this week, all running PB.



My friend Angus captured some footage from the event, you can watch it below!


See you next week!

Have a good one,




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