There’s not a whole lot to report this week. I moved into Loka Lombok and didn’t leave the premises for much. There was a gym, a bed, and a cafe. I had everything I needed within twenty metres.

I started my return to running this week at a very slow and measured pace. In fact, I couldn’t even complete a full run yet without walking. At this stage, my right foot still aches from the ultra and my right leg doesn’t feel right.

The majority of my week was spent on the laptop catching up on life admin, and when I wasn’t behind the laptop, I was in the gym.






I increased the distance of my runs over the course of the week, yet by my last run, I think I became a little too ambitious. Overdoing it and pulling up sore again. There is a valuable lesson in returning slowly from injury. It doesn’t even have to be an injury, in my case, it was returning from a very physically demanding event. In the running world, you hear all kinds of facts and figures about the proper recovery time from such a big race. Many people will take 3 months to be fully recovered from a marathon. I can’t help but wonder if the time to recover fully from a marathon is even more?

Anyway, here are some thoughts about returning from injury or any physically demanding event in your life. I also think the same applies mentally. If we have been pushed to the brim physically, there is a good chance, our mental side has taken a battering too. Don’t ever neglect the mental side, if it’s not fresh, your body definitely won’t be. Fortunately, my mind is feeling great since completing the ultra. I think it was a big weight off my shoulders.



This was from my last run in Lombok. It seriously had it all, what a time it was. Unfortunately, I pushed myself a little too hard here.






1. Return to performance or from injury is a tedious process. It should not be rushed. Just because we think we can be back performing like we were previously/or close to, it doesn’t mean we should.

2. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

3. Continuity in training is better than being injured. Keep the work small and let it build up again.

4. In reference to #3, if rest is a better option. That is your training for the day. Go and do something else to make you stronger or smarter.

5. Check in with yourself. Being competitive can also be your downfall. I am a very competitive person, however, I have to remember to play the long game. I will return and my legs will feel good again. That time is not right now, so until then, I need to slow it down and return to running in a smart way.

These are just a few of my thoughts. Maybe they’ll be applicable to you too.

Back in Adelaide for the week!

Big Love,




Sunset from my favourite hill in Lombok.

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