WHY DON’T YOU? Thoughts Worth Thinking – Joshua Lynott


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WHY DON’T YOU? is a wildly positive and thought-provoking change up on the way to approach your everyday life. With his mesmerising photos and captions which challenge lifelong ingrained thought processes, Josh dares you to stop going through the motions that you never gave time to question.

Lynott’s writing is raw and packs a punch.  Whether you pick up WHY DON’T YOU? for five minutes or an hour, it’s designed to impact. If you are not on the right track to doing what you always dreamed, after finishing this magnificent collection of insights and adventurous imagery, you’ll be well on your way.

Josh’s inordinate love for life is infectious, and his determination to kick you out of making boring mediocre life decisions is rooted deep within every page. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he understands that some days, things do go wrong, and life puts you on the grind, but… in his words “It’s the one percenters” that you need to recognise.

Alongside adventure, Lynott highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with a high-quality environment. Lynott poetically lays out the value of genuine friendships and immersing yourself in experiences rather than the materialistic world. WHY DON’T YOU? is a thinking exploration; a phenomenal book that’ll inspire you to attempt the audacious and to share among every one of your friends.

A plethora of refreshing wisdom, WHY DON’T YOU? is a book for everyone. Josh’s captions resonate with those finishing the schooling system, through to those who have defined and are in the routine of their career in the corporate world, for the unemployed, for people in every walk of life.  Maybe you’ve been holding off booking that ticket to a tropical island or the destination of your dreams, maybe you’re thinking of a career move, maybe you are considering something new for your family, whatever your ‘maybe’, this book is for you.

Joshua Lynott’s brilliant mind and profound insights will help break down any stale stereotypes holding you back.  “You are too great to be ordinary and have the opportunity to be even greater by reading this book,” Josh says.


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