It’s time to challenge yourself and finish 2019 off with a refreshed view on life and invigorated energy as you soar towards 2020. The Siargao Session is going to test you physically and challenge those long ingrained thought processes to see things in a new and more positive light. Whether you’re trying to break out of a lull or in need of a boost to chase this year’s goals, we’ll be working intensively to make sure you leave the island ready to set your world on fire.









The Siargao Session (Round 1) was a wild success, alas, it’s time for The Siargao Session: Round II!We will be staying in beautiful beachside bungalows at the private Greenhouse Siargao resort on the tropical island of Siargao. The Siargao session is a week-long experience for 10 highly motivated individuals to push their limits physically and mentally. We will be starting each day with a workout, such as a spectacular run along the coastal roads or tail, a morning yoga session right on the ocean or an outdoor gym calisthenics workout. The team at Greenhouse Siargao resort will be serving three high-quality healthy meals each day. They are able to cater to any personal requirements regarding nutrition, allergies or preferences. The food at The Greenhouse Siargao is considered to be the very best on the island, especially their vegan menu!


Each day I will lead a workshop to motivate your personal development and to inspire your mindset. Together, we will explore the workshop themes of consistency, accountability, priorities, developing positive habits, goal-setting/manifestation, living without fear and other meaningful topics to transform the way you approach each day.

One of the adventure highlights of the week will be a full-day of island hopping to some of the most pristine beaches and crystal clear water in the world. The group will also be adventuring to the remarkable tide pools, cliff jumps and viewpoints of Siargao Island.

At night, you can expect to indulge in a healthy dinner after a testing day of training and workshops. You can assure that we will be watching every sunset to bask in the golden light and waves as we give our mind and body a chance to unwind. Sometimes you’ll be watching the sunset whilst on the run, other times from a palm tree or slackline.

Closing each day we will move through our evening routines both as a group and individually. The day will end by working through meditations, journaling, and looking over the best things that happened from each day and the lessons learned. Dinner each night will be around the ‘family table’, the place where some of my favorite stories were told during The (inaugral) Siargao Session.





The Siargao Session will push you both physically and mentally through a series of individual and team challenges. You will finish the week with a heightened awareness of your goals, an improved mindset, and confidence in your ability to push yourself to take on new challenges. Parts of the week will ask for vulnerability on your behalf, it is entirely up to you how much you are willing to share. As seen from the first event of The Siargao Session, the people you spend the week with will leave an impact on you like you could never have imagined.







  • This will be an environment where 10 motivated and like-minded people come together in an environment that will expand your mindset and limits due to the immersive nature of the experience.
  • The Siargao Session will act as a springboard for the two, three and six months ahead of you as you move towards bigger goals and projects of your own with a strong sense of direction and belief.
  • You will create detailed goal-setting and planning for your upcoming months and the remainder of the year to help you use the Siargao Session as a platform for success in 2020.
  • Elevate your fitness and training to the next level.
  • To connect you with a new group of people that will whole-heartedly support and cheer you on with all your endeavors as you move forward after the event.











  • 7 Nights All Inclusive in spacious eco-villa bungalows built into lush tropical gardens on the waterfront close to Siargao’s surf breaks and neighbouring islands.
  • Gourmet Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meal plan fully included. (Vegan Friendly)
  • Island Hopping all inclusive.
  • Day Tour all inclusive.
  • Yoga sessions lead by qualified instructor.
  • Running and strength program leading into the event.
  • USD$200 worth of swag.



“Shaka-mahalo my dude” – Jampal




  • Transport to and from the Airport (Bus typically costs $6 USD)
  • Flights to and from Siargao.
  • Food and drinks outside the provided meals. (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner will be fully catered for by the resort.)
  • Philippino mobile sim card. (I’d suggest grabbing one at the airport in Manila)




This trip is open to both men and women, I’d love to have a mix of both genders to add to the group dynamic.

  • Need to have your own travel insurance.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Committed.
  • A willingness to learn and to be challenged.
  • Age is no barrier.
  • Adequate training attire and running shoes.
  • Base level fitness.***It’s okay if you’re not a regular runner right now, however,  in order to get the most out of this trip, you should be able to run 3-4 times a week for 5-10kms. The training will cater to all different levels of physical ability, but at the minimum, this is where you should be at by the time of The Siargao Session.


I hope to see you there!

Big Love,


Brilliant things happen when you are surrounded by inspiring and excitable minds.
They happen in place which allows you time to think and to go slow.
This is where we grow, where we feel both vulnerable and incredibly powerful.
We should all visit a place, where we can take ourselves to the next level.
– Joshua Lynott




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