Heading into 2020, I had a grand goal of hosting four personal development and running workshops. In 2019, I hosted two in Siargao, Philippines. They were two of the best weeks of 2019, and I wanted to continue to grow these experiences. As it stood, those four workshops were meant to be hosted overseas. It was a pipeline goal of mine to hold one in Australia, but probably not something I envisioned would happen in 2020.

Shortly after arriving back from the USA (and coming out of quarantine), I met up with Josh Willoughby from Joggers World. I told him about my sessions and the idea of possibly having one in Australia at some stage. We brainstormed locations and quickly became very excited about Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island was devastated by bushfires in the early months of 2020 but is still home to many extraordinary landscapes. Bringing business and people back to the island was a huge positive for us when deciding where we wanted to host the event.

Fast forward a few months later, and an abundance of emails, phone calls, plus two trips to take photos and scout runs, we finally were able to launch. I’m so proud of how it has come together so far and can’t wait for November.


If you want to apply or read more about the event – you can do that here!

Camping at Yorke Peninsula

This week Erin and I set off for a spontaneous little camping mission down to Yorke Peninsula. Despite unfavourable weather predictions, we decided to move forward with our initial plans. On the way down, my windscreen wiper broke. As the evening came about, it was incredibly windy with 60km/hr + gusts of wind. There was also a lot of rain. One of the highlights from the little trip down the coast was spotting a fresh family of baby emus. It was so cute!



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