Back to adventures! After a five-week block where we were heavily focused on training and the race, it was refreshing to ease off on the heavy training load and go exploring. With Indonesia being host to an infinite amount of adventure options, we deliberated for a while where we would head next after Lembongan. Jackson’s sister Eloise and my friend Karoline met us on Lembongan to watch our race and to join our post-race adventures.


Time to visit Nusa Penida!

Jackson being the Nusa Penida veteran had some awesome places in mind for us to visit so I was super excited to see what we had in store. My friend April from @balinusapenida tour also helped us with some accommodation and tips on places to go. I didn’t really grasp how big Penida was till we arrived and started to embark on some wild moped journeys.
We had a couple of rooms for the four of us and a great little base on one of the main streets where all the ferries dock. The thing I appreciate most about Nusa Penida is how quiet and uncorrupted it feels compared to somewhere like Canggu. Jackson and I would run on the streets and still receive smiles and waves from the locals opposed to the chaos we’d have to avoid back in the hotspots of Bali.



Our days on Penida consisted of adventures, running and eating food local food from Warungs. The simplicity of it all contented me greatly.
Here are some photos of our Penida adventures. One of the highlights for me was swimming with the Manta rays, an underwater experience that has been on my bucket list for a while now. These are incredible specimens, so elegant and graceful and they propel past you.




Off to Ubud

After Penida, we split up and went back out on our own adventures. I’d soon be seeing Jackson & Eloise back in Australia in the upcoming weeks anyway.
Karoline and I caught the ferry back to Sanur and opted to spend the rest of our time in Ubud. Visiting Ubud earlier this year very briefly with @balinusapenidatour, I thought it would be fun to check out again and actually spend a bit more time in.
Our first few days, Karoline and I stayed at a place called Ubud Air. The idea of Ubud Air is that it’s a very secluded place in Ubud where artists can hideaway and let their creative juices flow. We were stoked to hang out here, play table tennis with the boys at AIR and eat some delicious food from the local cafes. After a busy year, this was a brilliant place to kick back before heading back to Aus. I’ll be heading back to Australia and Karoline to Norway, the difference in temperatures at this time of the year is something I just can’t comprehend.

Ubud was a very chill week and a vibe I haven’t experienced before. I’m glad we went to check it out, but I much prefer to be by the ocean. Next week I’ll be back by the ocean for the scorching summer heat of Adelaide.

Big Love,


When the time comes, and something clicks inside your mind, you’ll understand that any time you waste is unretrievable. It’s a wonderful realisation, because you place more value on your days, and even the way you construct your minutes. No minute comes back or is guaranteed, so do your best enjoy the subtleties and the overwhelming madness of it all. – Joshua Lynott

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